Philastrative PHL poster at Cira Green

Philastrative P-H-L

The Philsatrative PHL poster was created as an homage to my adopted hometown; Philadelphia, PA. I developed 150 illustrations over the course of 142 days, with the intention of representing the city I…

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Hello Donuts

I designed and illustrated this t-shirt for Hello Donuts; an insanely cool (and good!) donut vendor located in Philadelphia, PA. If you dig it, you can purchase it from Hello Donuts' shop.…

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Geometric landscape tattoo on fleshtone background

Geometric Landscape Tattoo

Tattoos are among the most personal and permanent pieces of art, so when somebody asks me to design one for them, it's always an incredible honor. This particular piece was designed for an old high sc…

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corey danks yousa portfolio image


Following the 2016 election and the ensuing uncertainty, a few friends of mine set up an art show, entitled 'Crybabies' to benefit the ACLU of Pennsylvania. All proceeds went directly to the ACLU, inc…

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Danksfest portfolio closeup


This is a 'gig poster' I illustrated and printed as a 54th birthday gift to my dad, as well as a bit of a tribute to my childhood. The neighborhood I grew up in is often referred to as 'Pumpkin Hook' …

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